What Exactly are Internet of Things (IoT) Devices?


The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the network of physical devices, such as laptops, vehicles, and security systems, that communicate with humans or other connected devices.

These devices can do everything from monitoring your health and diet to securing your property, or even reminding you to buy more paper towels. But they all have one thing in common…they require a fast, reliable internet connection.

Wearable Devices
A smartwatch or step tracker can track your calories, heart rate, or the number of steps you take in a single day. These IoT devices can share this information with your doctor. This gives you and your health team the opportunity to discuss ways to improve your health. As you make changes, the device can monitor your progress and encourage you to continue living a healthier lifestyle.

Home Security
Internet-connected cameras, peepholes, doorbells, locks, and other security features enable you to monitor your home 24/7. These devices are fully accessible from a smartphone or tablet, providing you with real-time information. Should a breach occur, the IoT device can alert law enforcement for you.

Smart Appliances & Gadgets
Even if you don’t want your showerhead communicating with your toaster, many smart household appliances now anticipate your needs by assessing the data they collect. Today’s coffee maker can have your coffee perked and ready to your specifications. Are you almost out of milk or eggs? A text from your refrigerator tells you what you need at the grocery store. Don’t walk into a cold, dark house when you get home from work; control your home lighting to come on at specific times or by voice activation when you enter a room. Plus, you can program your thermostat to monitor the house and adjust interior comfort as needed to save money on your utility bill.

Always listening and ever-attentive, voice assistants such as Amazon’s Echo, Google Home, and Apple’s HomePod make it simple to purchase items. Just tell Alexa to buy it via your enabled Amazon account and wait for the delivery. Not ready to shop this minute? Just ask Alexa to add eggs and cream to your shopping list.

As IoT’s relevance grows, let Btel make sure you’re ready for the next innovation.