BTEL Service Territory

BTEL continues to invest in your community with state-of-the-art next-generation broadband networks. Please use the interactive map below to view the status of your address.

Btel Service Territory Map

* This map provides an estimated coverage area of BTEL services. Call 979-798-2121 to confirm exact services available at your address.

Fiber Drop Placement

For placement information, please contact us via our Contact Us Page. Head to the Btel Fiber page to view our construction progress map.

If access or placement is/was denied during the original FTTH buildout, drop placement charges will apply. Drop placement can range from $300-$600 or more depending on the location.


See how fiber is installed to the home

See why Brazoria County loves Btel

I always appreciate the communication and quality of service I receive from Btel. After every interaction with them I feel as though they value means a customer.
The service technicians were very polite and courteous. It was a rainy day and the techs were very courteous to remove their boots prior to coming into the house.
Btel employees were quick to show up and young men were very polite and prompt. Thank you so much for your new service with Fiber. Our family appreciates your efforts in providing us with new technology!
I have never ever even once been disappointed by the quality of care Btel has given me. I am always surprised by the quality and time frame in receiving the care given to us. I came from an area where we only had companies such as Comast, Att, Dish etc and they don’t even compare to Btel. Thank you so much.
Excellent customer service. Came right out after business hours.
Btel is a great company who supports the community and truly gives back.
Customer service is always courteous and quick to respond to issues. The installation was worked around my schedule even when I missed the original window.
I wouldn’t change anything about my recent experience. The installation team was fast, knowledgeable, and very friendly.
Overall the installation and testing was very professional. They answered all my questions and made sure that I did not have any other issues. Thanks for the professionalism.