Btel Fiber Maintenance

Btel Fiber’s Inside Wire, ONT, GigaCenter and Wi-Fi Support service includes: remote Wi-Fi troubleshooting, remote assistance connecting a customer’s wireless devices to Btel Broadband services, and remote assistance to optimize the performance of a customer’s in-home or in-business wireless network (at main service location only). Service that extends beyond the main service location must be installed by Btel with Btel equipment and approved wiring. This fee is required for customers with any Btel Fiber Service (provided GigaCenter wireless router/ONT and/or an 804 Mesh unit(s) are also included in the fee). Btel will replace or repair faulty GigaCenter or 804 Mesh equipment at no cost to the customer should such equipment malfunction as a result of a manufacturer defect. The service does not cover damage to a GigaCenter wireless router, 804 Mesh unit or inside wiring resulting from accidents, acts of God, alteration, misuse, tampering, abuse, failure of the customer to properly follow operation instructions provided at the time of installation or at a later date and issues due to interruption of commercial electric power. Service does not include labor or material costs for repairs to customer-owned wireless devices, computers or any other customer-owned devices or equipment; such as non-Btel SmartHome devices. Service calls for any other issues will be charged at Btel’s standard rates existing at the time of the call. Service calls after normal business hours will be made at the company’s discretion. Other restrictions may apply.“Inside Wire” is defined as: All wiring in the home used for phone or Internet service beyond the Btel Fiber Network Interface Device (NID) or Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that operates the telecom services.

“Wireless Service” is defined as: Wireless signals which propagate or provide wireless Internet access from devices within the home or business. Due to the nature of wireless signaling, not all areas will receive the same performance depending on the location, construction of home or possible interference from foreign wireless signals.